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Welcome to the AftermathEdit

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The mod's original creator, TPW, has decided to postpone his work on the Aftermath while he serves his country in the military. Alternatively, I will be taking over the reigns of this project and its development. Ive discussed in-depth with TPW the lore of this mod and its direction in the scenari. I've been a major contributor to this wikia page, elaborating and expanding upon the background of the Aftermath. I have a truly fantastic vision for the direction of this project and I'm certain you will all be quite pleased with my work once it is released. This project will take time however. I am a rabid perfectionist and if I think something is anything less than exemplary then I will not release it until it is up to standards. I am not keen on releasing updates containing minimal content either. If I release an update it will be large and rich with new content for you all to enjoy. All I ask is that those whom are interested in this mod remain patient and know it isn't lying dormant and has meticulous care being put into it. I would like to show my thanks to TPW for the wonderful and creative work he spent many weeks putting into a project in which he introduced. His brilliant vision for the Aftermath shall continue exactly as he intended. That I can personally assure you. Thank you all for your understanding and patience. I will initiate work on the mod after Christmas and will work tirelessly toward developing this mod to the level of excellence in which it deserves.

-The Kaiser

Aftermath - The Axis Victorious. Imagine a world where the Axis have emerged the victors in World War 2. This is the world of the HOI4 mod by the same title. The Japanese, Italian and German empires have been forged into existence after the crushing defeats of the Allies in WW2, the mod follows the immediate Aftermath of this world.

Noteworthy Nations of the Aftermath:

German Reich

Italian Empire

Japanese Empire

Nord Frankreich

Vichy France

United Kingdom

Legionary Romania

Reichskommissariat Moskowien

Independent State of Croatia

State of Wallonia

Kingdom of Hungary

Soviet Union

Nationalist Spain

United States of America

Kingdom of Bulgaria

Reichsprotektorate Ostland

Significant Events of the Aftermath:

Generalplan Ost

The Axis Divide

Madegaskar Plan

The Von Braun Projekt

The Trans-European Reichsautobahn

1946 Olympic Games

The Red Collective

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