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Fascist Croatia
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Independent State of Croatia

Ideology: Fascist

Leader: Ante Pavelić

Ruling Party: Ustaše

Capital: Zagreb

International Status: Minor Power

Fascist Croatia was forged from the fires of the former Kingdom of Yugoslavia following a joint German-Italian invasion into the Balkan kingdom in 1943. Adolf Hitler viewed the reorganization of the Balkan states as vital for national stability in an otherwise turbulent region. It was decided that an independent Croatian and Serbian state(s) are respectively established. The Poglavnik of the Ustasê party, Ante Pavelić, was chosen to lead the newly formed Fascist Croatia. The Croatians proved to be an indespensable military ally, displaying a show of force time and time again on the frontlines, utterly refusing to give up even in the most futile of circumstances. This bravery impressed Hitler immensely, even to the point of specifically recruiting Croatian foreign legions for the German military. Following the digression of the war, Croatia, among the rest of the Balkans, has become a hotly contested debate between Mussolini and Hitler, both whom which have differing ideas for the future of the region. The matter has no doubt brought about substantial strain between the two nation's once warm relationship. Only time will tell to how this situation progresses...