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Fascist hungary map
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The Kingdom of Hungary

Government: Fascist Monarchy

Ruling Party: Arrow Cross Party

Leader: Miklos Horthy

Capital: Budapest

Status: Minor Power

Following the end of the Great War, similar to the German Empire, Austria-Hungary faced a humiliating defeat. All territories under the Habsburg monarchy was to be relinquished, Hungary was shrunken down to less than one fourth it's original size as a result of the Treaty of Trianon, the Versailles of Hungary so to speak. The old Magyar Kingdom was delivered new hope upon the outbreak of the Second World War however. She was given an opportunity to reverse what had been done 20 years prior and the Kingdom's regent Miklos Horthy took advantage of the opportunity as soon as it had arisen.

The Kingdom of Hungary proved to be an indespensable ally to the German Reich over the course of the war, supplying brave and cunning soldiers to the Eastern Front, Hungary's efforts certainly aided in the Axis's good fortunes on the battlefield. The string of triumphant victories, both militarily and economically by the German Reich no doubt solidified the popular position of Fascism within the Kingdom of Hungary, leading to the largely prominent Arrow Cross Party to pressure Horthy into granting them a leading role within the Kingdom's government. This proved to be a double edged sword, with on one hand the Arrow Cross government effectively skyrocketed the nation's economy via ingenious labor programs, but on the other a set of behind-the-scenes ethnic pograms were actively carried out, efficiently removing those whom were considered undesirable off to the Reichskommissariat out east, whilst doing so tactfully, with most of the Hungarian populace unknowing of such activities.

The new, revitalized Kingdom of Hungary maintains its pursuit towards new ambitions in which strengthen the nation. After the Hungarian military's substantial involvement which led to the fall of Moscow, and the subsequent armistice Great Britain sought with the German Reich, this brave new world provides much in store for Hungary. There are supposedly talks between them and the Romanians regarding the pursuit of colonialism, assuming control of some of Britains colonies forfeited as a result of the armistice...