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Northern France

Ideology: Fascist

Ruling Party: French Popular Party (PPF)

Head of State: Jacques Doroit

Capital: Paris

International Status: German Satellite State

Nord Frankreich ("Northern France") is a German puppet regime established following the end of the Second World War in 1945. It was formed after the strategic German occupation of northern France, a part of the 1940 armistace with the French Republic, granting semi-autonomy to the south of the country in the form of the titled "Vichy France" whilst the German Reich maintained full occupational authority over the northern Atlantic coastal region of the nation as a defensive position against the British, whom remained just across the English Channel.

Once the armistice with Britain was signed in late 1945, the subject regarding the circumstances with France ensued. Some within the Reich's government suggested simply unifying the whole nation under Marshal Pétain's Vichy Regime, while others insisted the nation remain divided. Still viewing France as a potential threat to German security, Adolf Hitler sided with the latter. Hitler chose to continue allowing southern France to remain as a semi-autonomous authoritarian state under Pétain while the northern half, formally under strictly German occupational authority, be governed by the Fascist political organization, the 'French Popular Party' with its head of state being the party's leader Jacques Doroit who's been a strong supporter of Hitler and the German Reich even prior to the Fall of France in 1940. Unlike the southern Vichy Regime, Northern France would still be subject to greater German control, essentially existing under the status of a Reichskommissariat, albeit with slightly more autonomy. The German government was to directly operate the regime's foreign policy and the majority of its national defense (albeit Nordfrankenreich was still permitted a military force of up to 30 thousand personnel).

The newly-formed Wallonian state under the famed Waffen-SS legionary and Rexist political leader León Degrelle was granted a certain degree of law-enforcement and political authority of the northern French state by Hitler personally in order to alleviate strain on Germany's military resources. Nord Frankreich however represents a rather complicated factor for Western Europe. Despite being ruled by a Fascist regime, the State's very existence is directly contradictory to the ideology itself. It stands as a nation which separates a single racial/cultural group into two, supposedly something Hitler adamantly opposes, at least that standing as his reasoning for absorbing the vast majority of the German-speaking regions around the Reich. The French people in both the northern and southern nations are beginning to question this circumstance and the legitimacy of it themselves...

There persists rumors of Marshal Pétain of the Vichy Regime seeking a sort of "Anschluss" of his own of the split northern half of his country, while similar talks are ongoing with the Fascists under Jacques Doroit as well. Only time will tell how this vicarious situation will conclude...