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The Soviet Union After WW2

Leader: Joseph Stalin

Ideology: Communism

Ruling Party: Communist Party

Capital: Unknown

Category: Moderate Power

Ural Union

After the embers of revolution settled, and the party of Lenin ruled supreme over the old lands of the Russian empire, did the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics emerge. Already the new Union began to divide, as comrade Lenin grew sickly the likes of Trotsky and Stalin battled for control in the imminent event of Lenin’s death. The victor of the conflict was Joseph Stalin. A revolutionary from Georgia who was a constant member of the revolutionaries within the party. With his rise to power came some of the bloodiest years in history, purge after purge, assassinations became commonplace and starvation gripped the revolting Ukraine killing millions. Stalin began to acquire a reputation for being brutal and wouldn't hesitate to kill his closest friends and even his own family if it meant he held power.

As Hitler rose to prominence in Europe, inching his nation eastwards. Hitler’s intention was clear, invade the USSR and use its vast wealth of land and resources to create a pure Aryan Reich to last a thousand years. Stalin saw past his neighbour’s lust for land and began to pursue an alliance with Germany. The two totalitarian nations shared technological innovations and had already began to carve up the map of Europe through the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact. On the 22nd of With few hindrances in the way of Hitler's initial ambitions, by the Spring of 1941, the supposedly "warm" relations with the Soviets were about to change. German columns pierced the Soviet-German border and poured deep into the USSR. The Soviets desperately attempted to stem this onslaught but faced defeat after defeat.

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