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State of Wallonia

Leader: Leon Degrelle

Ideology: Fascism

Ruling Party: Rexist Party

Capital: Namur

Category: Semi-Autonomous Satellite State of German Reich
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The Belgian nation has been one of cultural and lingual confusion for as long as it has existed. A country that is culturally half Dutch and half French. These separate linguistic and cultural regions of the Kingdom of Belgium are kno

wn as Wallonia and Flanders respectively. Wallonia in particular rose to prominence during the course of the War as a result of the Rexist Party, a fascist political organization that had proven to possess an absolute devotion toward their German neighbors in the east. One ideological crusader whom which possessed fantastical ambitions was a man by the name of Leon Degrelle. Degrelle eventually became the figurehead of the Rexist Party and the Wallonian independence movement through his brace actions serving within the ranks of the Waffen-SS on the eastern front. So proflund was his devotion to the fight against Marxism and his service to the German cause eventually caught Hitler's attention, and soon his admiration. The German Führer developed such a fondness for the Wallonian that he even went as far as to state that Degrelle embodies his vision of an "ideal son". With the War coming to a close, Degrelle possesses a large role in the future of Belgium, a nation which had been occulied by the Germans for the past 5 years. Degrelle and his Rexist Party seek to gain independence for Wallonia, absorbing the Lile region of France to the west in the process, whilst the Dutch-speaking portion of Belgium, the region known as Flanders, appropriately gets absorbed by Holland. Moreover, Degrelle's ambitions don't stop there. He views the resource-rich lands of Africa and Southeast Asia as the next, necessary step in attaining Wallonia's well-deserved strength. However, the Empire of Japan currently has a stranglehold over almost the entirety of Southeast Asia, therefor the only path forward would either be diplomatic negotiations with the imperial superpower, or the organizing of a tactful military operation intended toward the conquest of the former Dutch colonies, thereafter fortrifying the islands as to establish a strong defense in the event of Japanese retaliation. Will Leon Degrelle establish a new Wallonian state on the imperial stage, or will his nation carry on with its dependence on the Greater German Reich?...